Monday, December 29, 2008

Half a cup of tea -2 (Tinkii tsering )

As we settled in the seats of the bus . I noticed a blue nosepin on the right side of her nose , which was shining whenver bus travelled through a patch of sunlight.She was sitting on window seat. And i was sitting adjacent to her,on my other side was this peculiar person in his mid thirties who was not sparing a chance to look at this beautiful gal.After some 15 minutes of travelling and rambling about the chilling weather i asked her “Your name must be sarika “.
“ Not at all” she giggled .There was this peculiar innocence in her smile rather a laughter. As she was laughing i could see the pearl white teeth spaced consistently . While smiling her eyes became small from the corners and brown iris shined with a glow,her pink cheeks which are charcterstics of ppl from hilly areas protruded from cheekbones while she laughed. She was a fair girl with slightly brown hair with a streak of auburn hair which reminded me of Kate Winslet in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind . Of course the girl sitting besides me was not a punk , streaks suited her gracefully .
“ what made you think i'm sarika ?” she was laughing like i had just told her some joke
from the best jokebook in the world. i just turned to her and with an intelligent smile i started gazing into nowhere and with both the hands brought out in front of me i said “see uhh .. i have this habit from childhood , whenver i see someone the first thing i do is start guessing the name of the person . When i was a kid still in my kindergarten on my 4th birthday my dad gifted me a yellow bus. On the windows of bus were stickers with different faces looking outside . There were almost 10 different faces. I had name for everybody . A girl with spectacles named - Reena . A guy with curly hair - Madhu “
“huh .. so what about me that makes me Sarika “ she started laughing like she has been to a nitrous oxide trip .” Look I dunno the connection here but something about you had a feel of name Sarika , may be your eyes which are brown and bright” I said looking into her eyes for the first time in conversation not loosing the smile on my lips . She closed her eyes getting dizzy from laughing and just patted on the bag which looked like a Louis Vitton but was not “ guess wat ? you are funny ”. she said looking at me .
I looked at the third person sharing the seat on the bus , he was fast asleep and snoring by the time . “i'm sure , i'm not “ i said with a smile reflecting wit and my finger pointed towards the snoring Person.” Btw He's his highness George X1 sleeping in the glory of his kingdom” i announced like im some P.A of this person . I was again sucessful in raising her cheek bones to a smile.

“ My self Tinkii Tsering, and i'm a Tibetean Buddhist so that you don't have to raise eyebrows on my name “ She said forwarding a warm hand for introduction .
“ And i'm Mr. Oh So impressed and an Indian Aethist , ppl call me Atharv for simplicity “ i said marking a moment of humour and warmth. That was the first time i first felt warmth of her hand.

It was still raining and my hands were numb .With the numb hands i took out some coins from pocket for the chaiwallah and asked for an ultra milds and one adrak chai , thinking something may comfort the numbness , i wished it really could.


P.S cliche` all characters and situations in the story are fictious and have no resemblance to any one dead or alive or zombie .

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  1. I know Tinkii Tsering ;)

    tuned in... write the next part ASAP.. ! :)