Monday, September 14, 2009

Half a Cup of tea (interlude)

I don't have some old letters preserved in the corners of room to read and revive
the memories of time spent with her , nor i have her pics but one sketch made
on a piece of tissue in a coffe shop .The blotted ink on that piece of paper reminds me
it was raining that day and she was in her best of moods , playing with her green hair
clip,clutching it into my arm and laughing everytime i complained it hurts .

On nights like this when its raining outside,when i gaze out of the window
and a gentle breeze gushes in my room ,when i call her number but i get no reply
there's this feeling that i can't explain .Only three simple words “I miss her”
i miss her more than ever.Everytime you miss someone,there's this feeling
that makes you do things that you start missing them even more.I read all
conversations we ever text to each other,and its an amazing feeling going back
in time,peeling off the layers and looking at the seed of love buried deep down
in your heart,and sometime piled under the numerous messages in your cellphone.
Feeling the same excitement you felt when you text her the first time and keep
looking at your cellphone for the next few hrs,waiting for that beep ..

continued ...