Monday, October 13, 2008

Half a cup of tea -1 ( Journey back in time )

It was an afternoon of December , I was driving on the hills after a gap of 14 years,amidst the pines I gained some speed on the curves I was longing to drive . The wiper on the front was coming on and off
And I was excited to be in the place where I spent some 14 years of my life . I turned off the A.C and opened the windows to let the natural cool to calm my head.My destination was still some 100 K.m away.
Soon it started to rain.My eyes were sleepy so I thought of grabbing a cup of tea.There was no sign of any shop even after driving some 4 km or more .

A steep road, don’t know where it was going, was saying to me to take it on, and I did take the unknown road .Playing the melodies from Bob Dylan, which one of my friend gifted me on my 21st birthday.Back then she said “whenever u feel lonely come back to the hills , switch on the stereo of your car,stop by a roadside
Chai wallah and sip half a cup of tea” .
I was through her suggestion but half a cup of tea, but was feeling more lonely thinking all the good times we had here, giggling ,laughing crying on each others shoulders.
Talking on phone whole nights, waking on Sundays to take long walks on the plush green hills.Though we
Were no more than friends but no less than buddies.I used to tell her daily “I love you” she used to giggle
and say “you know you look cute when you say that”.Though saying that everytime was never easy.When you mean words its hard to say. Everyone knew that she was my girlfriend but nobody knew I was not her boyfriend as she never said to me a word of love.
And boy how I met her is another story. It was a crowded bus stand and I was coming straight from delhi, lot of luggage to handle and sleepy eyes. I saw this girl asking people “when is the next bus to manali?”
A beautiful face with an innocent voice .Generally I don’t talk to beautiful gals fearing an attitude of rejection. But something pushed me to say “if you don’t mind traveling in the same bus , which I’m going, there’s a bus right now”. She smiled with a hesitation and let a “thanks” fall from her mouth. Being a courteous man of manners I asked smiling “Any luggage mam ?”.She handed me a heavy bag and said “ I hope you won’t charge me for that “ smiling her best.” I won’t but one’s hardwork should be rewarded properly” I said.
And finally we were in a bus together, I never knew back then that this journey was destined to go so far.


P.S something close to my heart taking the shape of words


  1. Aila !!! ..vyas da..please disclose the identity..

  2. MOre MOre!!!
    when is the next broadcast... I loved the "she handed me the heavy bag" :))
    and a truthful innocence "im hesitant in talking to beautiful girls.." heheh

    waiting for the next post...

  3. waiting for the next part...

    P.S: how come sab ke saath inne acche acche romantic se episodes hote hain.. n i keep running from one job to the other... uff yeh duniya :P

  4. Hi Virendra. Nice cute write up. It takes a lot of personal courage to do what u did on your blog. Being true friends (only) with the one you have feelings for is, in my opinion, the most difficult mission in the world and you are doing it and, apparently, doing a good job of it. Keep it up.... My wishes are with you....

  5. Hi
    Hey excellent start to something so close to your heart .Please write the continuing part fast...

  6. Nice post dude...take out some time and write the next part soon.

  7. I realllyyyyyy looooveddddddd the beginning bro... :))))))

  8. I am enjoying so far, please continue, dying to know what happens next